SUMMARY: Info for dial-in into SunOs 4.1.x

From: Luca Pizzinato (
Date: Tue Feb 11 1997 - 06:58:32 CST

Thanks to All who replied to my question (see it below).

Most answers pointed me to the web page *** *** or mirros.
There I found all I need to setup my serial connection, and
even more.
Particular thanks to Joey Singh (,
who mailed all the procedure to be performed, step by

Thanks to :

Charles Mengel <>
Lewis Burgess <>
Chris Nespor <>
John Reynolds <>
Sean McInerney <>
Christopher E. Olaes <>
Matthew Stier <>
Alan Hill <>
Harvey Wamboldt <>
Joey Singh - T/N <>
Celeste Stokely <>
Mr Rene Occelli <>
Buddy Mecca <>

Luca Pizzinato
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Fax +49.6151.807304

I wrote:
Hallo All,

Does anyone have any suggestion about where I can get
instructions on connecting modems to serial port of a
SunOs system ?
I have experiance only with Solaris2.x systems.

I will summarize
Thanks in advance.

Luca Pizzinato
Tel. +49.6151.807323
Fax +49.6151.807304

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