SUMMARY: swap mounted on /tmp

From: Dave Compton (
Date: Fri Feb 07 1997 - 06:37:37 CST

First of all I would like to thank everyone who responded. I received numerous
replys all of which were excellent.

Quite honestly it looks like there is no correct or incorrect way to attempt
this. The basic rule that came out was this:

pros: speed
cons: sharing of swap and tmp - fill up tmp and you run out of swap,
        use up all swap and run out of /tmp

As pointed out the entry that really concerned me was in the /etc/vfstab

swap - /tmp tmpfs - yes -

T. Boss stated that:

> There is no "real" disk space in /tmp when this happens...any files put
>there are just using up memory paging space and are candidates to get
>wiped out anyway if there is heavy paging going on.

This in itself is the problem to me and why you don't want this entry. Simply
put I understand that files in /tmp are subject to deletion. However, I may
not want them deleted by some errant process that I can't control that for some
reason starts swapping heavily. Therefore I appears to me that a better
practice would be to have them seperated.

Again - Thank you to everyone. I appreciate your assistance.


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