SUMMARY: Exporting 4mm DAT Drive

From: Tim Thompson (
Date: Wed Feb 05 1997 - 22:11:35 CST

Many thanks for the professional replies.

Original problem was:

I am having difficulty exporting my "Sun" 4mm DAT drive that is attached
to my Ultra1 Sparc...

I have found documentation and have no problems exporting regular
filesystems for NFS, but have been unsuccessful exporting this drive to
another Unix (Linux) box.

When I try to issue a rsh ls -l /dev/rmt/0 command it says that permission
is denied.

Can anyone point me in the correct direction or give me some instructions
on how to do this.

The fix is as follows:

As was pointed out in every return...Devices can not be exported via
NFS. It was suggested that RFS may be able to handle this, but that is
left to your discretion...

The work around is found by creating a /.rhosts and editing the
/etc/hosts.equiv files on the Sun (DAT attached) with the following
syntax: root


this which makes the user root trusted on the Sun box. (for more info on
this see man .rhosts & man hosts.equiv)

after you have created this file you can use tar/dump/etc... which are
designed to work across a network.

uses are: tar cvf - /<dir> | (rsh; dd of=/dev/rmt/0)

or tar cvfb -20 files | rsh dd of=/dev/rmt/0 obs=20b

once again, thanks for the help.

Tim Thompson
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Water Resources Center/ Texas Tech University
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