SUMMARY: Stacker Drive

From: Bob Bell (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 15:40:41 CST

I am re sending this summary because I forgot to mention the help provided by
Ric Anderson <> His insight to try all the device names was
invaluable. My thanks to: "David A. Harvey" <> who
provided the insight to the actual configuration and my problem
(compression). Also thanks to Jacques Rall <> who
reinforced Dave's suggestion to check the dip switches on the drive.

>Changing the DIP switches did the trick. After setting the compression
switch to off - this required opening the external drive case-, I was able
to access the drive as /dev/rmt/2l. Thus solving my problem - making use of
the free hardware.
>Thanks to all who responded. I have included the initial post below:
>From: Bob Bell[]
>Sent: Sunday, February 02, 1997 12:10 AM
>Subject: Stacker Drive
>I have been given (never turn down free hardware) a Conner 4584NP 4mm DAT 4
>tape stacker drive. I am trying to configure it on a Solaris 5.3 Sparc 10.
>Here is what I have tried.
>I shut the system down and at the >>> promt, I did a probe-scsi.
>I get a two line display back for the device...
>Target 6 Unit 0 Removable Tape ARCHIVE Python 28849-XXX4.98
> Unit 1 Removable Device Type 8 ARCHIVE Python 28849-XXX4.98
>I booted and made the following modifications to the
>/kernel/drv/st.conf file.
>tape-confing-list =
>"ARCHIVE Python 28849-XXX4.98","Archive Python 4mm DAT
>ARCH_Python = 1,0x2c,0,0xde39,4,0x00,0x8c,0x8c,0x8c,3;
>I then booted with the -r option.
>It builds new entries in the /dev/rmt/ directory. Everything seemed normal,
>no errors logged during the boot. But, I can't access the drive ... when I
>do a mt -f /dev/rmt/2 status, I get /dev/rmt/2 no tape mounted or device
>Any ideas?

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