SUMMARY: newfs inode and free space parameters

From: Alastair Stewart (
Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 09:25:28 CST

> Is there any way to find out the details of how a filesystem has been
> created?
> A contractor configured a storage array for us but didn't use standard
> filesystem parameters (inodes and free space were the only things
> nonstandard). I now need to recreate the filesystem on other disks in the
> array but don't know the parameters to create it.
> Any ideas?

Answer came from Japie Greeff <>

mkfs -m <raw device>

This provides all the parameters which mkfs used to create the filesystem.
Only need to note nonstandard values from here and use in newfs (which is a
front end to mkfs anyway).

Thanks also to
        Andy Gay
        Christos Stieglitz
        Jim Coby

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