SUMMARY: Adding pts "lines" on Solaris 2.4 machine.

From: Paul Hubbard (
Date: Mon Feb 03 1997 - 16:13:06 CST

I've recieved answers from: (Craig Gates) ("Michael Salehi x22725")
        Daniel Lorenzini <>
        "Charlie Mengler" <>
        Scott McBain <>
        Paulo Licio de Geus <>

Is this a resonsive list or what! Thanks all.



"Best" explaination was:

>From Mon Feb 3 10:56 PST 1997
>Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 10:50:48 PST
>From: ("Michael Salehi x22725")
>To: paul
>Subject: Re: Adding pts "lines" on Solaris 2.4 machine.
>To increase the number of ptys (pseudo-terminal devices) under
>Solaris 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5, two parameters MUST be entered into, or
>modified in, the /etc/system file:
>set pt_cnt=<number desired>
>set npty=<same number as pt_cnt>
>We also recommend at 2.4and 2.5, that you also add or modify the following
>two parameters in the /etc/system file:
>set sadcnt=<2x number specified in pt_cnt>
>set nautopush=<same number as pt_cnt>
>Then do a reconfiguration reboot for the changes to take effect (e.g. boot -r
>at the boot "OK" prompt).
>For example to set to allowing 128 ptys:
>set pt_cnt=128
>set npty=128
>set sadcnt=256
>set nautopush=128
>pt_cnt sets the number of pty's for System V, while npty sets the number
>of pty's for BSD. sadcnt and nautopush are STREAMS parameters and
>are needed to support additional users and network resources (in particular
>when using NTS terminal server rtelnet).
>sadcnt is the number of streams addressable devices nautopush is the
>number of streams autopush entries

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