Summary: Need comments on ClearCase

Date: Sun Feb 02 1997 - 21:30:57 CST

Thanks for all the replies. Especially to Jason at cs911089@red.ariel.cs.yorku:ca.
I used one of his posting as template for my question. It contains his address in the
Reply field. Some Mail tools picked up that address and directed the replies to him.

Thanks for his kindness to forward those replies to me. I apologise for causing any
trouble to him.

In conclusion, ClearCase is a very good SCM tool. But it can eat up a lot of disk space
and require a lot of memory on the server. Special attention needed on backup
because it is a database in nature. Network load can also be a issue.

For site with a big user population, a ClearCase Administrator is recommended.

Thanks for all the replies. Some replies did not provide comments but offer to
direct my questions to others. These replies are not included but their kindness
is appreciated.



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