SUMMARY: Sun ATM 155Mbps board

From: Lutz Brunke (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 04:01:56 CST

The original question was:
> I'm looking for information on 155Mbps ATM S-Bus boards which offer the
> option of multiple LANE interfaces per physical board.
> The SunATM 2.0 board only offers 1 LANE interface, right?

The answer is:
Yes, the SunATM 2.0 155Mbps board does NOT allow multiple LANE interfaces,
even with the 2.1 driver.
Suggestions were: Adaptec and Fore and possibly other vendors.

Thanks to:
Warren Mittoo <>
Victor Larranaga <>
Chris Marble <>

The original answers:
> From: Warren Mittoo <>
> Have you had a look at the Adaptec 155mps sbus card.?

> From: Victor Larranaga <>
> try this link

> From: Chris Marble <>
> Sun's been claiming since November that they'll be shipping a version
> of the card that supports multiple MAC addresses and therefore multiple
> LANEs. The card apparently doesn't exist yet though. I've got one
> of the 2.0 cards sitting here unused because a single LANE is inadequate.
> I'm protesting that we would have never bought the card had we known.

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