SUMMARY: inetd: Child Status Changed

From: Sean Ward (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 12:11:33 CST

Hello Managers. Below is my original posting, followed by the solution.

>Hi Managers.
>A couple of times now one of our servers has had /var/adm/messages get
>with lines like this:
>Jan 10 05:50:31 taz inetd[133]: /usr/openwin/lib/ Child Status
>Jan 10 05:50:31 taz inetd[133]: /usr/openwin/bin/kcms_server: Child Status
>These two lines keep getting appended to the messages file until the /var
>system fills up. The second time this happened each one of those lines was in
>messages almost 274000 times!
>I checked the SunSolve database, and this looks like bug id 1251023, except
>that the machine in that bug was a font server; our machine is not.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the following:
"Clarkson, Michael" <> (my co-worker across the pond!)
Martin Hargreaves <>

Hmm... all the responses were from England. What are the odds?

Anyway, the problem appears to be that these inetd entries are put in whether
the corresponding software is installed or not. In my case, they weren't.
Since I am not using these services, I can safely comment out these entries
from inetd.conf. I did so, and the problem has not occurred since.

Thanks again to those who replied.

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