SUMMARY: Mails from printer-daemon

From: Thomas Bleek (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 09:20:42 CST

the question at first:
> Hello, sun-admins!
> the little problem:
> if the printer-daemon on solaris2.x sends error-messages to the user it is
> addressing it as host!user.
> unfortunately our centralized mailhost is sending those mails
> to the UUCP-Relay.
> My question is: how can i configure the clients to send those mails
> to user or user@host our user@our.dom.ain????
> the better approach would be to solve the problem at the mailhost
> but i don't know the right entry in (for sendmail8.8.5).
> i will enjoy any hints and of course i will summarize.

I got only 2 answers. the first may has misunderstood my question. the
second has pointed to the client side. may be, his hint is correct.
I'm using the solution, i got from usenet news to solve the problem
at a single point, the mailhost.
The fileclass variable
Fw/etc/ contains all hosts, for which mailhost is accepting mails.
So i wrote a script, which makes /etc/ for all our local hosts
with entries host.uucp .
This works fine for us.
p.s.: We use sendmail8.8.5, I'm not sure that it works with sun's sendmail.
Thanks to:

David Montgomery
Leonard Sitongia

From: David Montgomery <>
Hello Thomas,

You could edit the crontab for lp and specify the address you want to send to.
13 3 * * * cd /var/lp/logs; if [ -f requests ]; then if [ -f requests.1 ]; then /bin/mv requests.1 requests.2; fi; /usr/bin/cp requests requests.1; > /requests;
 fi 2>&1 | /usr/ucb/Mail user@host


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From: Leonard Sitongia <> Are you using HP's JetAdmin software? My guess is that you are, since I have the same problem. Just wanted to say that in the latest version of the driver software, they removed the host! part and the banner (and probably the mail) goes simply to "user" now.


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