SUMMARY: Patch 103093

From: Brian T. Wightman (
Date: Wed Jan 29 1997 - 07:52:10 CST

Wow is this list fast :)

Got a response immediately (thanks Tim).

Ignore the message added to the MOTD.


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Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 08:47:17 -0500
From: Tim Pointing <>
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Brian T. Wightman wrote:
> Well, this is nice. Recommended patch cluster for 2.5. After
> running, my motd has this message appended to it.
> Temporary Patch 103093-07 built 09/10/96 is installed and
> needs to be backed out prior to installing any other patches
> Can I assume that this is going to be done automagically in the next
> rev of the patch, or do I need to make myself a neon sign so I don't
> forget?
> Brian

You can safely ignore that message (and remove it from the motd.)
Somebody recently mentioned that this was a note put in by a Sun s/w
engineer to remind himself. It was never intended to make it into an
official released patch.
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