SUMMARY: Callback modem service with SPARC

From: Ho-Sung Song (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 20:05:06 CST

Thanks to: (Celeste Stokely)
Mike Varney <>

My question was that I'd like to configure a tty port as a callback
modem service port. Mr. Stokely suggested some kind of hack with kermit
program, but it was for SunOS 4.1.3, and it seems extremely difficult.
Mr. Varney suggested to purchase US-Robotics Courier Everything modem
which has built-in callback(and many other) features. It is anyway
definitely costly solution. :) It looks like I didn't find the best
solution. Should I go to NT with RAS ? :(

Here goes the original e-mails.
My original question was:

> My demand is that I'd like to configure the callback feature for
> this modem port connected to my SPARC station(you know why I'd like
> to configure this), but I can't find any resource or guide for
> this kind of demand. Could someone please give me your experience
> and knowhow about configuring the SPARC serial port with modem
> as a callback server ?

And, Mr. Stokely suggested as follows:

> I've definately heard it can be done, but I have no experience with
> it. One of the PPP FAQs mentions callback--Jari Kokko's one listed
> at:
> (Sorry I can't provide a direct URL. I've got Internet problems
> on my own system right now, thanks to a dead router. :-)
> I'm sorry that I can't be of more help. Good luck!

Mr. Varney's was:

> If you purchase a Courier V.Everything 33.6 modem and put it on the server,
> you'll get everything you want, plus more. The modem has built-in security
> features. When a connection is made, and BEFORE a carrier detect is sent
> to the UNIX box, the modem prompts the dialin user for a password. You can
> configure up to 10 passwords, each with its own settings. One of the
> settings is to allow direct access, dialback to a preprogrammed number
> (added security!) or dialback to a user entered number. We used this with
> our IPX and 2.5.1, and worked perfectly. No server software. Not even a
> need to have an additional V.Everything modem remotely either - - you could
> have a cruddy 2400 bps modem and it'd still work perfectly. The modems are
> also upgradable to the X25 (USRobotic's 55.6Kbps technology due to come out
> shortly) which would make great 55.6Kbps speeds possible with one of these
> modems on each end. We purchased 2 of these modems for $400 apiece about 4
> months ago. Very happy with them!


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