SUMMARY: informix Online 5.xx on Ultra 3000

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 03:04:45 CST

Hi suners,

I received only two answers from you, but nobody runs it particulary on
Ultra Enterprise 3000.
But I received at the same time answer from Informix Software, which
says that it is possible to run INFORMIX ONLINE 5.x on Ultra
Enterprise 3000.

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My original question was:

>Does anybody has some experience with Online 5.xx which
>runs on Ultra Enterprise servers ?

The answer from Informix Software Gmbh.:

>You didn't mention the Operating System release which you have
>installed on you Enterprise 3000. I assume it is Sun Solaris 2.5
>or a newer release. Within those releases Sun claims that all
>their Computer platforms are binary compatible. This is why
>Informix does not distinguish between different Sun-platforms
>but provides an INFORMIX OnLine Version 5.07.UC3 for the SUN

>So the answer to your question is: Yes, it is possible to run
>INFORMIX OnLine 5.x on the SUN Enterprise 3000 Server with the
>Sun Solaris 2.5x.

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