SUMMARY: Openwin Freeze

From: Rasana Atreya (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 11:38:16 CST

Hi Sun Managers!

My question was:

> I have OpenWindows 3.5 on my Solaris 2.5, Sparc 2 machine. When I was working
> on it, it froze in a weird manner.
> - I could move the mouse around, but I could not actually move any xterms or
> anything else around.
> - I could type and execute commands in the topmost window
> - I could *not* use the menu with the mouse to exit out of openwin, or to do
> anything else for that matter
> I rebooted and brought up openwin again. This time:
> - mouse still moves
> - I could not type at all
> - If I click in the topmost window, it just highlights the window, or not.
> Nothing else
> - Menu still does not work with mouse. Have to reboot machine
> Same behaviour with openwin & root.

It was just a defective keyboard problem!

I'm including all the responses here. Someone else might benefit from them.

Thanks a lot, everyone!

>From Sun's tech support:

Try mounting /usr/openwin from another system that is not demonstrating
this problem. If the other system works on your system, then we know it
is a software problem.

If it doesn't look like a software problem, perhaps there is a
problem with the keyboard or mouse hardware. Can you try replacing
those and trying things again.

# truss -aef -o logfile $OPENWINHOME/bin/xinit /usr/dt/bin/Xsession

From: "Tseng, Robert" <>

It sounds the Window Manager had died after the xterm was initiated.
Try remove .xinitrc .Xdefaults .Xauthority .desksetdefaults .xnews.* and
.xsun.* from your home directory. Afterwards, run
/usr/openwin/bin/openwin from console which will pick up default

From: Rick Kelly <>

Log in remotely when the machine is locked and do a tail on

If you see any error messages about ZS3 ringbuffer overflows, then you
are hitting an obscure bug that SunOS/Solaris has had for years.

From: Jacques Rall <>

What about 'boot -s' and then 'fsck'?

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