SUMMARY: Connecting a Digitizer to a Solaris Machine for ARC/Info

From: Richard Rayner (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 14:38:23 CST

My original Posting
> I'm trying to get a digitizer connected to a SPARC10 running Solaris 2.5 .
> I can get a VT220 working on the serial port OK. But I can't get any
> response from the digitizer. My understanding is that I have to use
> admintool to disable the port monitor so that I can talk directly to the
> digitizer . Any Ideas ?

This took a while, which is why I have been so tardy.
thanks to

Rich Kulawiec <>
Celeste Stokely <>
Kevin Sheehan <>
Eric Kasarjian <>

As a general observation an old VT220 and an RS232 tester with flashing
lights are invaluable for this serial port stuff.

GTCO Digipad 5A on serial port B
Solaris 2.5
ARC/Info 7.0.4

(i) The serial ports on the SPARCstation are set to RS423 by default,
you can use jumpers in the pizza-box to set them to RS232.

(ii) Make sure the switch settings are correct on the digitizer

        S3 S2 S1
on x xxxxx xx x x
off xxxx xxx xxx xx x x

(thanks Eric for the right settings)

(iii) If you are using port J5 use a null modem cable to connect to the
serial port( to get the connections right)

(iv)Use admintool or pmadm to set ttyb to 9600
        Service Enable
        Initialize Only
and Software Carrier (!!!)

this last part seems very counter-intuitive and contrary to accepted wisdom
but its what I had to do to get the $%#@ thing to work.

(v) make the actual device file
readable by everyone.

You can test if you've got it going by issuing the

digtest gtco16 /dev/ttyb:9600:8bit:none

command in ARC/Info


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