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From: Jason Keltz (
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 14:43:47 CST

In my original message, I mentioned that I was setting up an old postscript
Apple Personal LaserWriter LS, and trying to print to it from my Sparc 1+
over a serial line. I purchased a serial cable, did all of the
configuration, but nothing seemed to work.

I received 13 responses to my question that are summarized here:

1) connect a null modem cable/adapter to the end of the other cable
2) disable the port service on the tty, and then set the baud rate on the
   tty with lpadmin.

The solution?

Stop trying! After trying for a while to figure this out, someone walked
by my office wondering what I was doing. I explained to them, and they
explained that this old Apple LaserWriter is NOT a postscript printer, but
actually a "QuickDraw" printer. Well, this would certainly uncover why
nothing was coming out, but I still never really could figure out why the
printer wasn't receiving data (the light on it still should have flashed,
even if it was confused). I was under the impression that all of the
Apple printers were postscript, but I was wrong.

Thanks to:

 Celeste Stokely <>
 Satish Somanath <>
 Glenn Satchell <>
 Charlie Mengler <>
 David Fetrow <>
 Mark Hargrave <>
 Andrea Carleton <>
 Ken Small <>
 Bobby Huynh <>

... and anyone else who replies just after I send this out! (this always
happens, and I feel bad :)

By the way, on a completely different note: I often try to reply to as
many messages as I can on this list (where I know the answer) to try to
"pay back" everyone for such prompt responses to my questions when I ask
them. I've been working on a small backup system using sh, nawk, and
ufsdump, and am more than happy to share it with anyone who wants it.
It's simple (I've called it the Simple Backup Solution (sbs for short),
and it's free, so take a look if you like at
if you like.


Jason Keltz

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