SUMMARY: Need trade world time signal

From: Fletcher B. Cocquyt (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 14:10:59 CST

Original question:

Fletcher B. Cocquyt wrote:
> Fellow admins,
> I figure this is a common requirement among trade system
> admins:
> A time source sync'ed to world trade markets; accurate to at least the
> second.

The most authoritative answer came from:

"Christopher L. Barnard" <>:

As the sysadmin responsible for the system locks for the Chicago Board
of Trade, I can tell you with certainty that we use the same WWV/atomic
clock radio receivers that the rest of the NTP-using internet
uses. We have our own receiver, because its behind the corporate
firewall, but its still the same signal. If you sync your machines
to a reliable stratum 2 or 3 timeserver, you'll be within hundredths
(thousandths?) of a second to our trading systems. You probably
already know this info, but just in case: NTP comes from

Thanks to everyone else who responded:

"Trevor Paquette" <> (Michael Sullivan)
"Matthew Stier" <Matthew.Stier@MCI.Com>
"Paul O'Donnell" <>
twhite@Bear.COM (Thomas White) (Steven D. Knudsen)
Michael Baumann <>
Rich Kulawiec <>

Almost everyone recommended ntp; the web page is:
which is actually in the FAQ; I asked the question to find
out the concensus in the trade world...

Thanks again,

Fletcher B. Cocquyt	System Administrator 	Trout Trading		Hamilton, Bermuda

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