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From: Bobby Huynh (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 13:38:46 CST

I got many helpful replies to my post. The fix turns out to be very
easy. Thank you for those who is helping me.

My orginal question is

Culd someone please tell me how to remove the existing local printer
setup in my SPARC20 MANUALLY. I used 'admintool' to delete but it
complain"remove local printer fail"!! I have setup this to print to
serial port before but it does not work.

Thank you

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SRDB ID:7256

SYNOPSIS: remove printer from Solaris 2.x when lpadmin -x fails


How can user remove a printer defined under Solaris 2.x when lpadmin -x
<printer name> returns error message?


Use the following steps to remove a printer from a Solaris 2.x machine
when both lpadmin -x <printer> command and delete in admintool/Printer
Manager returns error message:

                 UX:lpadmin: ERROR: lpadmin -x failed ...
 1. login on the Solaris 2.x machine as root
 2. cancel all the jobs in the queue:
    cancel <job#> <job#> ...
 3. cd /etc/lp/printers
 4. rm -r <printer to be removed>
 5. cd /var/spool/lp/requests
 6. rm -r <host name of the printer server>
 7. cd /var/spool/lp/tmp
 8. rm -r <host name of the printer server>
 9. shutdown the lp scheduler:
10. start the lp scheduler:

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