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Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 07:51:44 CST


well here is the SUMMARY..

the original question:

>As an University Admin I send email to ALL the university professors
>to an alias ( that points to a file containing
> the email
>addresses...just the normal way in /etc/mail/aliases configuration.
>(running Solaris 2.5.1)
>Recently one of these profesors made a "reply" and replied to
>ALL the University...(250 active emails) which caused confusion, etc.


- Use the Bcc Field to send mail, so that when people reply,
 they reply to "reply-to" instead of the Bcc filed

- Use a Filter Script in /etc/mail/aliases, that would allow
only selected users to use that alias and reject others..

- Install Majordomo and configure a 1-person-send-only-list

- Change the "Reply-To" field

- Use a ".mailrc" using procmail or mailtool

- Use a script with awk to send email, somthing like

        cat user-file| awk '{printf("mail %s < user-msg\n", $1)}'

- Others...use INN, Educate the users..

My opinion is that the "filter Script" and the AWK options are
quiet easy, simple and choice :)

To install "procmail" or "majordomo" just for this purpose isn't

To use INN is an asyncronous way to send news..if the user never
reads the INN, it won't Our case we send information
that must be known and only inside the University..

Changing the fields sounds a great idea, but you have
to have a mailer that lets you do that..

Thenks to all the people who replied...

Bob Rahe
Viet Hoang
Karl Vogel
Matthew Stier
Andrew Lamb
Alan Stanier
Daniel Baker
John Groenveld
Matthew Kelly
Chris Marble
Karlheinz Pischke
Keith Willenson
Brian Desmond
Alfredo Sola
Rich Kulaweic
Peter Marelas
Benjamin Cline
Jacques Rall

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