SUMMARY: Condensing Printer Output

From: John Bradley (john.bradley@sunman)
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 12:56:34 CST


We did a little research and came up with a script that will put in the
desired escape codes to make the printer do what we need it to do.
Simply change $initString = "\033&l12D" to the desired escape code.
Escape codes can be found at the HP site below.

Here's the script:

# Script for sending HP escape sequences to print jobs
# Written by Mike Hill (CTA) 01/08/96
$file = $ARGV[0];
$initString = "\033&l12D";
$reset = "\033E";
open(FILE, "$file") || die "cant find file\n";
open(OUT, "|lp") || die "wrong\n";
print OUT $initString;
        print OUT $_;
print OUT $reset;

Escape codes for HP printers:

Only one replay thanx:
Karl E. Vogel" <>


Managers, I'm printing ASCII text files to an HP LaserJet 5si printer.
want to print more lines on one page in landscape mode. I want to be
to condense the text but not have to go to really small text font to do
I just want to change the spacing between the lines. Any clues?



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