SUMMARY openwin menu programs failing to run

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Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 11:22:42 CST


Pardon the delayed reply...

Original post below... Basically I was having problems running _some_ programs
via the OpenWindows menus when logging in via xdm or the CDE login screen.

Thanks to Mike Roberts and Anthony Worral. The problem was that programs werent
in the path of the desktop environment. Someone at Sun pointed out an easy way to
check the desktop environment, just mv .cshrc and .login etc out of the way and
start an xterm from the root menu - then check the environment, since the shell won't
have been able to call .cshrc etc you'll get the same setting as the desktop uses.

Also, in CDE check that ~/.dtprofile has DTSOURCEPROFILE=true.



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> Subject: openwin menu programs failing to run
> Hi
> I'm finding that some programs I've got setup in the openwin menus are not
> running on machines running open windows under CDE (ie openwin is started from
> the CDE login screen -- the default if CDE is installed) or indeed xdm based machines.
> I've been able to work around some cases of this, by using an menu entry such as:
> exec $OPENWINHOME/bin/xterm -iconic -e /cpvol/sunosX/bin/someprog
> or even by using a shell compiler to compile shells into executables.
> Now however I've got a program which won't run from the menu at all on CDE/openwin
> desktops - I've tried a bare executable, a sh script, a csh script, a compiled
> sh script and an iconized parent xterm; no joy.
> On machines running openwin from a console prompt (the good old way) there's no
> problem.
> Has anyone seen this?
> Colin

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