SUMMARY: rebuilding tape device files.

From: Jacques Rall (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 02:34:51 CST

Original question:

Dear SMs,

How do I rebuild the tape device files (/dev/*st*) on our SUNOS 4.1.4

What would be the equivalent of /usr/sbin/tapes on this release? I've
tried 'boot -r', 'reboot -- -r', and also 'touch /reconfigure' but to
no avail.

Of course I rm'd /dev/*st* in the hope the system would rebuild the
drivers automagicaly :).



Use the /dev/MAKEDEV script like:

        # cd /dev
        # ./MAKEDEV st


        # ./MAKEDEV st0 (or st1,...)

Thanks to *

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