SUMMARY: Add installation files

From: Jacques Rall (
Date: Sun Jan 05 1997 - 22:11:06 CST

Original question:

Dear SMs,

When the system has been installed as a basic installation, how do I
go about 'upgrading' it to one of the fuller installations?

When installing Solaris 2.5x you are prompted with a choice of four
options for installation - something like basic installtion, medium
installtion, development system, entire distribution.

Should I install a temporary machine and do a 'du' compare and then a
'rcp' between them?



Use 'pkgadd' or 'swmtool' to add individual packages to the system.
 By using these utilities patches can be added later without any
difficulties of the package not properly installed.

The only dreaded thing about this method is to manually compare all
the packages that have been installed on the fully installed system
and the half installed system and to add them manually :(



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