Summary 32 Gbyte 4mm Auto loader

From: Jay A. Cohen (
Date: Thu Jan 02 1997 - 11:01:47 CST

Jay A. Cohen wrote:
> Hey Sun Gods;
> Here is a no brainer for you all that I am sure will just be asking for
> abuse.
> I have installed a Sun 32Gbyte Tape autoloaded on a sun sparc 2 run sun
> OS version 4.1.3
> the manuals I have are for Solaris only and I am trying to get the dev
> (/dev/rst8) to recognize the other tapes but it does not seem like I can
> ....and Yes I have read the manuals at hand but I have no OS manuals on
> Solaris for other systems here...
> Please help and please be gentle!!!!
> Thanks
> Jay

Thank you all for replying I now have the answer...Well almost.

What I was told was mt -f /dev/??? offline will cycle to the next tape.

Next question is the a way to have it point to a specific tape such as
go from tape 1 to tape 3 with one command???

Thank you's to

Jeff Popp AT&T Wireless Systems
Viet Hoan Lucent Technologies/ISSC
Evan R. Marks Aetna Retirement Services, Inc

Thanks again

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