SUMMARY: SGI-managers?

From: Tim Buller (
Date: Thu Dec 26 1996 - 11:20:51 CST

Sorry for the belated summary...

My question:
> Sorry for the lack of sun-related content, but is there an
> SGI-managers list or something equivalent other than the
> comp.sys.sgi USENET hierarchy?

The Answer(s):
Most of the folks I heard from said "no", but really wanted one.

I got this pointer:

> From: Chris Phillips <>
> There is the info-iris-* lists, particularly
> You can subscribe as follows:
> mail
> subscribe info-iris-admin
> subscribe info-iris-announce
But have not gotten it to work, having tried 3 or 4 seperate times to
subscribe myself... no repsonse from the above address, although the mail
did not bounce. Perhaps this is a resource that used to work, or is
broken. Hope everyone's having a good holiday,


Tim Buller
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