Summary: where's c++ compiler?

From: Janet Leung (
Date: Mon Dec 23 1996 - 17:57:06 CST

The following is the reply regarding to the location of c++ compiler.
GNU C has c++ built in, but you must explicitly compile it. It can be found
at ftp site<version>.tar.gz.
The url for GNU software is as follow: for binaries
Recent GCC binaries can be retrieved from the following FTP sites:
   This site is said to contain several programs/libraries for Solaris2.X.
   (i.e. gcc, emacs, gdb, libg++, gawk, diff, make, sed)
Thanks to:
Joel L. Seber, Mark Hargrave, David Montgomery,,, Benjamin Cline, Christian Masopust,
Troy Wollenslegel, Yolanda Bosquet, Dave Foster, & others etc.

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