SUMMARY (although short): Backup tales

From: Noel Fardy (
Date: Thu Dec 19 1996 - 23:19:41 CST

My orginal question:

>Does anyone have experience with Exabyte's Mammoth
>drive? Is it more reliable than the 8500 technology?

>The Cheyenne ArcServe product looks pretty good for the
>price (1/2 that of Legato). My initial trial was promising, but
>it does not have the same flexibility as Legato. Is this a case
>of 'getting what you pay for'?

Only one response. I assume the Mammoth drive may
be too new, and not that many people use Cheyenne

Statistically, it may not be fair to offer this but...

>From an anonymous donor:

>I strongly recommend AGAINST ArcServe. A client insisted on it, we got
>it set up after much pain, ran backups (again with much pain) then
>were not able to restore files about 25% of the time.

>Client then moved to Legato. More pain on installation and
>configuration, but the backups have been working extremely well for a
>year and restores are a breeze. (A slow, expensive product, but works
>well with proper configuration. Take their class and you'll save
>yourself much grief.)
Noel Fardy
System Administrator
Trout Trading Management Co.

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