Summary - Re: How to limit the size of files in mail spool

From: Alan K.K. Kong (
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 20:33:26 CST

Dear Managers,

Suggestions are as follows:
1. Set quota on mail spool; (Nearly most responses suggested)
2. Set cronb job to mail users when the mail spool file is too large;
3. Set cronb job to move mail spool file to users'home when too large;
4. Set cronb job to remove old mail;
5. Post "Top" chart regularly listing the users with the largest mail spool files;
6. Obtain efficient program to better manage the mail spool (I have send mail to request);
7. Use Sendmail config.(?) to limit the size of mail spool;
8. Link mail spool files to users'directories (least suggested).

Please forgive me if I have missed yours.

Thanks to the quick responses from:
Randall Plaisier <>
"Cheng, Bruce" <>
Matthew Stier <>
Tony Ching-Tung Wu <>
Alan M Stanier <>
Torsten Metzner <>
Luca Pizzinato <>
Glenn Carver <>
Anderson McCammont <> (chan ling ling)
"Brian T. Wightman" <>
john benjamins <johnb@Soliton.COM>
The Unseen <>
Dave McFerren <>
Bob Woodward <>
"Matthew J. Hill" <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

Original question:

Many of our users seldom delete their mail and leave them in the mail spool. Hence our "/var/mail/"
is getting very large. Could someone please suggest methods in limiting the size of files in mail
spool? I have tried to link the mail spool to users' home and was unsuccessful. The users' home
directories are auto-mounted. And the "/var/mail" is exported and mounted by other workstations.

Thanks very much for your help.


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