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Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 18:12:39 CST

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> error mesage: write error 24 feet into tape 1
> My Exabyte 8505 8mm tape drive gives me this error everytime I try to write
> to a tape. I used a cleaner tape and tried new tapes but get the same error
> when using tar or ufsdump.
> I have a quote of $700 to repir/replace the tape head. I just wanted a
> second opinion on this one....does it sound like the write head is toast??

I'm pretty sure the head was damaged from normal use. I called Exabyte at
800-447-3920. They have a 2 year warranty on all their drives. So I opened
up the external case and found the manufacture date was 2 years and 5 days
ago. The person I spoke to said they usually go 30 days beyond that date so
my drive was covered under warranty and is currently being repaired for
free! There were no packing instructions so I was surprised when I received
a call from someone in the service department who informed me that I needed
to remove the drive from its external housing, but that they would waive the
$75 they normally charge to remove it.
I'm happy I chose Exabyte, the standard warranty saved me $700! Just
remember to remove the external housing before shipping!

thanks to all those who responded:
Rahul Roy
Garry Robbins
Renan Martins Baptista
Jackie Rosinsky clean the drive with a Exabyte Premium Cleaning tape
Jim Harmon
Paul J. Bogdan
Val Popa

Dave Smith wrote:
You may also want to call West Coast Computer Exchange Inc. They repair
Exabyte tape units for significantly less than Exabyte (not under warranty)

Numbers for them (916) 635-9340
                                (916) 635-9485 -- fax

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