SUMMARY: cron question: first Sunday of every month

From: Paul Alukal (
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 20:41:27 CST

Here is my original question:

>I need to run a script first Sunday of every month (at a given hour,
>say 3 am). Can a single cron entry do that?
>If not, are there anyone out there who have already made a script for
>similar stuff?
>Thanks for any help.
>P. Alukal

Thanks to all who replied.

It appears (the consensus was) that one can not do it in the Solaris
cron with a single entry ( even though one or two persons suggested
it's possible).

One possible method is to run the cron on every Sunday, and check
within the script whether it is the first Sunday.

Thanks to:

Jim Stern <>
"Nicholas R LeRoy" <> (Tim Evans)
"POPIt User" <>
Rich Kulawiec <>
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David Smith <> (G W Cantello)
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