SUMMARY:RPC not registered & utmpx shutdown errors

From: Mark Fergusson (
Date: Tue Dec 17 1996 - 03:45:57 CST

Thanks to all who replied. Apologies for the delay for this summary -
been away.

> Hello all,
> When I shut down (init 0) my SPARC 20/Solaris 2.5, I get the following
> messages on the console:
> 1. nfs umount:vold server not responding:RPC:Program not registered.
> 2. INIT: failed write of utmpx entry:"so"
> 3. INIT: failed write of utmpx entry:"fw"
> How serious are they and how do I stop them ?
> Any comments/help would be appreciated. Will summarize.
> Thanks in advance.

Thanks to:

Fedor Gnuchev
 1. nfs umount:vold server not responding:RPC:Program not registered.
  not very serious - seq.# of K scripts in rc?.d directories are in a
  confusing order. since they do no great harm I left them in that loosy

Rasana Atreya
2 & 3:

        - When a proper shutdown is done, the shutdown process writes messages
        to /var/adm directory (man utmpx). In case the /var is a different
        partition from /, it gets unmounted first before the shutdown process
        can write its messages. This causes the messages from init which are
        more or less harmless. To suppress the message, is when you have the
        /var/ partition (and /var/adm/ if applicable) unmounted, create a
        /var/adm/ directory in the root partition, and in /var/adm/ put a
        symlink from utmpx to /dev/null.

Thanks also to:
Colin Matthews
Oddvar Andreassen
Frank Pardo
Casper Dik
Rahul Roy

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