SUMMARY: problems with syslogd

Date: Mon Dec 16 1996 - 14:01:05 CST

1. My original posting was:

>Date sent: Fri, 13 Dec 1996 08:20:53

>Problem: after some days in operation, syslogd ceases to operate. No
>more system messages logged, not even from the command "logger" nor
>from the syslog function call in applications. It wont start by kill -
>HUP. It wont even start working if killed -9 and restarted. The
>syslogd is alive (it appears in ps ). Only solution: reboot computer.
>No problems with disk space.

>System: Sparc 5/ 32 meg memory/ Solaris 2.5.
>Other software installed: Sybase SQL server, some custom apps.

2: Answers received from:
Stuart Kendrick <>
"Karl E. Vogel"<>
Nick Murray <>
David Pope <>
Brendan Bouffler <brendan@comms.unsw.EDU.AU>

3. Main suggestions:
- run truss on syslogd to check what it is doing
- run syslogd -d
- check patches, install patch 103187-09 or -11
- verify syslog.conf, check if all log files exist
- check syslogd integrity

4. Problem and solution:
With truss, it took me about 2 minutes to find that syslog was indeed
trying to write to an inexistent file.... which turned to be /dev/console. I
failed to mention that the problem appears on an standoalone industrial computer,
with no console after boot time. When it tried to log a message to
the console,syslogd slept. If killed and restarted, it slept in "open

As a newcomer to the list, I am quite impressed by the speed and precision
of the responses. Thank you very much!

6. New request
I would like to know if sobebody knows of a "standard"procedure to run a
Solaris system safely without console. I solved the syslog problem
very simply editing syslog.conf, but I wonder what other problems are
there, just sitting in the dark, caused by the lack of console..... We are now startinf to install
a "null terminal"connector , just to allow booting.
terminal"connector in /dev/ttya just to

Buenos Aires - Argentina

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