SUMMARY: Problem with mount and rpc

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Date: Thu Dec 12 1996 - 15:10:32 CST

Dear Manager,

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> Subject: Problem with mount and rpc
> I have a machine, called Machine1 (Solaris 2.4, NIS+ root_master) and I'm trying
> to mount a directory from another machine, called Machine2 (Solaris 2.5.1,
> NIS+ client of Machine1). Each time I try the mount command (and I did with
> many different options) I get this:
> Machine1% mount -F xxx -o rw Machine2:/some_directory /mount-point
> nfs mount: Machine2:: RPC: Program not registered
> nfs mount: retrying: /some_directory
> I tried with different options, different mount points, different sources, I
> always get the same results. I checked my credentials on the root_master and
> everything seems to be fine.

My problem is now fixed. Now, now, I know it was not the most brilliant
question one could ask but, hey! I didn't know so... :-)

I never managed a machine that did not start /etc/init.d/nfs.server
automatically so...

What happened is the machine is somewhat recent and I filled out the share
table (/etc/dfs/dfstab) after the last reboot. The the dfstab file is empty,
the machine does an init level 2 only, therefore not running
/etc/rc3.d/nfs.server. This script start mountd and nfsd that are needed to
share partitions (but not to mount).

I fixed that by running /etc/init.d/nfs.server manually. Since I have entries
in my /etc/dfs/dfstab file now, next time I reboot, the init should go into
level 3 automatically.

I know this now 'cause of the helfull tips of:
 Casper Dik
 Avi J. Levin
 "Charlie Mengler"
 Mike Rembis
 Mr T Crummey
 "Alejandro B. Halili
 Benjamin Cline
 Benjamin Cline
 Garry Robbins
 Dave Haut
 Kevin Sheehan
 Glenn Satchell
 Benjamin Cline
 Garry Robbins
 Dave Haut
 Kevin Sheehan
 Glenn Satchell
 B Anthony Vialle
 "Marc A. Holloway"
 Liu Xu
 Jens Fischer
 Bertrand Hutin
 Karl Mumford
 Noel Fardy
 Ken Franco
 "Matthew J. Hill"
 Vasantha Narayanan
 Charles Homan
 Stephen P Richardson
 Marcos Assis Silva
 Alan Hill

PS: Original question and replies available upon requests.

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