Summary: remote DLT backup error

From: Jerry Cunningham (
Date: Thu Dec 12 1996 - 09:21:42 CST

The answer to my problem was in the FAQ, section 10.1 (oops!). Basically,
root's .cshrc on the remote machine was trying to write something to
standard out, causing dump to choke. I added the following line:

  if ( ! $?prompt ) exit

to .cshrc on the remote machine, and all's well.

Many thanks to all those who responded, and for not tearing me a new one for
not reading the FAQ first (well, except for Sean! ):

Ian_MacPhedran, Tim Pointing, Rich Kulawiec, Peter M Allan, Matt R. Johnson,
 Sean Ward, Don Lewis, Glenn Carver, Ric Anderson.

Thanks again,

Jerry Cunningham
U.S. Census Bureau

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