SUMMARY: Urgent: Ultra doing auto-shutdown...

From: Kai Schwermann (
Date: Thu Dec 12 1996 - 07:45:21 CST

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Hello Sun-Freaks,
i think i got the right answer to my problem...

Thanks to all who responded, especially casper and renan (the winner!)

Here's the problem, to remember:

>Hello Sun-Freaks,
>we have an urgent problem here:
>Our Ultra-Server stops working and shuts down sometimes without any
intervention from us. We can see nothing on the >terminals, but we must
sitch him off and on to reboot...
>Software is Solaris 2.5.1 with recommended patches.
>Has anyone got a clue on what this machine is doing?
>Thanks in advance
>Kai Schwermann

Many pointed out that i could have installed the power-saving features, but
i didn't...

Only one answer had a hint to another problem, and when i did it, the
machine stayed up for (until now) 2 days, and
i hope that the problem is corrected now:

>Subject: Re: Urgent: Ultra doing auto-shutdown...
>Just verify if rstatd in running. When Solaris configure its boot files,
>there are
>no place when it starts that daemon. Its a failure. The new ultra keybord
>controller device depends on that daemon in order to perform the boot.
>Read the ultra 1 hardware reference, in order to be familiar with that new
>keybord boot control. To solve your problem:
>just type the command:
>To avoid it to happen again, put that command in your preferred boot file.
>I hope it will be useful.
>Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
>Renan M. Baptista

Thanks again, Renan and all the others.

Have a fine day and stay tuned

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