SUMMARY: Maximum RAM in an SS1 ?

From: Dave (
Date: Wed Dec 11 1996 - 11:22:09 CST

Original question:
> I have an SS1 running SunOS 4.1.4 with a 2GB HD, but only 16MB RAM.
> What is the maximum RAM I can use in this? (64MB ???)
> There are 16 (30 pin) SIM slots.
> Do I need:
> the 4M x 8 Mac / Pentium SIMs ($19 each)?
> the 4M x 9 PC / 486 (with parity) ($30 each) style SIMs?
> The SS1 makes a good DHCP & intranet Web server, but I think it would
> benifit from more RAM.

  The majority rules.
  Six responses say "Sixteen IBM style 9-bit x 4MB SIMs for a maximum of 64MB".
  One response says the SS1 has the same layout as an SS1+, so it only has 4
SIM slots (Not -THIS- SS1), so I should use the same RAM as an SS1+. I am
not sure this response came from an SS1 owner, I believe he was looking in a
  One response says 'Sixteen Mac style 8-bit x 4MB SIMs for a max of 64MB".

  I have not purchased the RAM, so I don't -KNOW- the majority is correct. I
have experience with Macs (8 bit) that can use the IBM (9 bit) style of SIMs
without problem. I ASS-U-ME if I buy 9-bit, and the machine really wants
8-bit, I be wasting the extra $100, but they will still work. If this is not
the case, I will post a revised summary.

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