SUMMARY: Running httpd from inetd

From: Andrew Lamb (
Date: Wed Dec 11 1996 - 16:42:12 CST

        1 Respondants
        2 Suggestions
        3 Solution Used
        4 Original Problem

1 Respondants

Marcelo Maraboli <>
Renato Moutinho Silva <>
Frank Sargent <>
Andrew MH <>
Michael Baumann <>
Karl E. Vogel <>

2 Suggestions

        1 Include the line "ServerType StandAlone" in httpd.conf (2x)
        2 Delete "Port 80" line from httpd.conf (2x)
        3 Try "-c" instead of "-r" in httpd line in inetd.conf (1x)
        4 Run httpd as a startup daemon from /etc/rc?.d (1x)

3 Solution Adopted

        I commented out the Port line in my httpd.conf and it works fine now.
        Sorry everyone, I should've been able to work it out myself from
        the error message I got, but it just didn't click. Karl Vogel also
        sent a copy of his rc?.d httpd daemon script - thanks.
4 Original Problem

I am trying to run the cern http server by using inetd, but when I use a
browser to try to acess a web page on my Sun Sparc Classic Solaris 2.4
machine I get:

HTTPD ERROR: Bad setup: Can't bind and listen on port. Explanation:
Possibly server already running, or if running from inetd make sure
you're not using -p flag or Port directive

The file /etc/inet/services contains the line:

http 80/tcp # cern-httpd-WAIS

and the file /etc/inet/inetd.conf contains the line:

http stream tcp nowait root /usr/local/sbin/httpd httpd -r /usr/local/lib/httpd.conf

Any suggestions on what to try to get it going would be appreciated.

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