SUMMARY: ufsdump/ufsrestore

From: Coffindaffer, Virginia@MacPO1 (Virginia@MacPO1)
Date: Tue Dec 10 1996 - 16:34:00 CST

Originial Question:
C> Hi Managers, Has anyone found a way to run a disk to disk save using
C> ufsdump/ufsrestore that does away with having to input answers to set
C> owner/mode for '.' [yn] and Directories already exist, set modes

Thanks to Karl Vogel for the quickiest response (5 minutes) and the
answer which follows:

(from Karl)
   Yes. The program you want is called "expect". You can find both
   tcl (required by expect) at, among other places.

FOr all of you that said use "-r", Dan Lorenzini has the answer for
(Dan's answer)
If you are doing a complete restore to a freshly-made filesystem, you
can use the "r" flag to ufsrestore instead of the "x" and it will not
ask any questions at all. I use this all the time. It creates a file
called restoresymtable which can be removed, unless incrementals are to
be added after the level 0 is restored. In that case, it is crucial to
have the restoresymtable, because it is needed for the incremental


Dan Lorenzini Greenwich Capital Markets

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