SUMMARY: root passwd can't be changed -

From: Jianguo Sun (
Date: Sun Dec 08 1996 - 14:59:26 CST

Hi all,

I am sorry my couple of messages regarding root password changing bothered
you. I played around and solved the problem now. What I have done is:
1. delete the root line in /etc/shadow file.
2. run pwconv
3. run passwd root

Thanks for all your concernings.


my original question was:

I am sorry I posted the problem twice but it still doesn't work.
I am trying to change root password on Solaris 2.3 machine which is
not running NIS or NIS+(As I know). I login as root and type "passwd"
and type twice new password. Then message tell me "password changed for root".
However the root password is still old one but not new one. I really don't
know what is wrong with this. Any help will be very appreciated.
I also tried to use "admintool" to change root passwd but it gave me
message like admintool can not be used changing root password.

As some of you suggested, I run commands like ypmake and ypmake in the server
in case the server is running NIS or NIS+. Both commands did not work.
Is there any standard way to tell the server is runing NIS or NIS+?

Some of you suggested that certain time period would be necessary after
password changing. I waited for two days and it still didn't work.
I also checked the passwd file as one of you suggested, it doesn't
include any comment line.

One more point is that both machines runing Solaris 2.3 don't work for
passwd changing. The machines runing Solaris 2.5.1 in the same LAN
work fine for this changing.

I tried all possible ways I know. If some of you can help me, it will
be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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