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Date: Fri Dec 06 1996 - 22:04:00 CST

Here is my original question:
I'm still struggling with "ping ibm_pc_host" from the Sun running Solaris
2.5.1 which could not see the ibm_pc_host even though both are on the same
subnet. The files I edited on the Sun are /etc/hosts, /etc/netmasks,
and /etc/ethers.

What is the best parameters I should use by running snoop on the Sun
to capture ONLY the broadcast and rarp messages from the ibm_pc_host like
I used to do by running etherfind?

I'd tried all the different and/or combinations of snoop as suggested.
However, the commands always returned an error so I just did the following
simple snoop commands in different windows to monitor the rarp messages from
the ibm_pc_host (the real host name is wmri01):

# snoop
# snoop 08:00:3e:23:4c:43
# snoop wmri01

I sincerely thank the following Sun Managers who helped me with a lot
of suggestions:
- L. Lpshire
- Jens Fischer
- Jon Weintraub

Vicky Lau
If you know the ethernet address you can use, e.g.

snoop "rarp OR 8:0:20:f:b1:51 OR broadcast"
snoop host ibm_pc_host AND \( broadcast OR rarp \)

should do what you want.

However, I would try to run two snoops in parallel, one with the IP address
and one
the MAC address of the PC in order to trace such problems

snoop in one window
snoop 0aa:0:12:34:56:78 in another window

the preceeding 0 is preventing the aa... from being interpreted as a hostname.
What version of bind are you running?

You should know that the _ underscore is not an accepted character for

This will cause problems resolving the name to an ip address but might not
be your entire problem.
To determine is this IS your problem, see if you can do a dig:

dig machine


dig FullyQualifiedDomainName

from your Solaris machine. Does the name ibm_pc_host RESOLVE to an IP

No -

1) change the name to something without underscores
2) edit all your files accordingly

yes -

Can you ping from the IBM PC to the Sunbox?

Yes -

What is the ifconfig statement in your netstart or inetd.conf?

route add [ibm_pc_host ip] subnet arp up

What is the subnet you are using
What is the gateway? Do you have your WAN router configured as the
gateway? Do you have a LINK ARG in your inetd.conf?

Make one change at a time until you get a proper ping.

No - Check your drivers and card at the PC. Are you sure you have TCP/IP
correctly configured? Are you using NT WFWG or W95? What is the subnet
mask you are using at the box? Gateway?

Once you have verified that the card and TCP/IP are configured correctly,

Make changes ONE AT A TIME until you can ping other devices on the

Take the machine out of the /etc/hosts file and kill -HUP.
Can you ping now?

What is the netmask? Configure the machine PC at Reboot
Can you ping now?

Set the router as the default gateway (not the sunbox). Can you ping now?

Through evaluation of your results with these tests you should be able to
get it going.

What did you put in /etc/ethers?

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