SUMMARY: Installing items on second SCSI card

From: McLean, Antonio (
Date: Fri Dec 06 1996 - 12:30:58 CST


Under SUNOS 4.1.3 how would I install a hard drive, and a WORM drive on
a second scsi SBUS card I jut put in while keeping the CD drive on the
first card? Secondly, how woul I move an exisiting drive from the first
card to the second without changing anything regarding the second.


First, I modified the Kernel. It wasn't really as bad of a process I
thought it would be once I actually got in there and looked at it.
Towards the end of the /usr/sys/`arch -k`/conf/Generic file there is a
listing of all the possible things that can be put on each SCSI card,
it's listing of possible ids and what type of device it could be. I
basically moved the lines from the scsibus1 to the scsibus2 for the hard
drive I wanted to move and made the appropiate changes to reflect where
the new devices were at. For the CD Worm drive, I needed to install the
disk duplication program and it made the appropiate changes to the
Kernel. Don't forget to run the format command and change the
/etc/fstab file to enable the new devices. I've become a lot more
comfortable with the Kernel through this process and wont shudder at the
tought of the Kernel in the future.

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Antonio McLean

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