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From: ying He (
Date: Thu Dec 05 1996 - 11:27:07 CST

Original question:

> Dear sun-managers:
> I am getting information in my /var/adm/messages file
> Dec 3 16:02:56 share bootpd[11914]: IP address not found:
> Dec 3 16:05:40 share bootpd[11914]: IP address not found:
> Dec 3 16:07:02 share bootpd[11914]: IP address not found:
> De.....
> I killed the bootpd, then it automatically restart.
> I have removed printer configuration from BOOTP/TFTP. I am not sure if
> I should delete the "bootps dgram udp wait root /usr/sbin/bootpd botpd"
> from inetd.conf file. Any ideas?


Most of people suggested to disable bootp(common out from /etc/inetd and services),
for my situation in my system, I would like to leave it and use following way to get rid off
that messages(of curse, I do not think that are error messages):

 write the shell script and run it by crontab to clear the messages.

I am not satisfied with the way that I have down, but I can not think
the better ways.

Thanks for all people who have responsed to me and I really appreciate your time.


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