Summary linking,mounting disks to a directory.

Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 16:29:50 CST

Thanks to all who replied. My problem was trying to link 2 disks to one dir
Example) linking /disk1/images/project1 and /disk2/images/project1 to
/linkeddir/project1. I needed to have all of the files from both
disks appear in one directory. I was trying to symbolicly link the directories
to /linkeddir/project1
i.e. ln -s /disk1/images/project1 /disk2/images/project1 /linkeddir/project1

what I needed to do was symbolically link the both disks files to the dir.

i.e. ln -s /disk1/images/project1/* /disk2/images/project1/* /linkeddir/project1.

Thanks for the answers.
        John O'Mara

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