SUMMARY: rpc.ttdbserverd: Child Status Changed (new)

From: Patrick Shopbell (
Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 20:25:01 CST

Hi everyone,
Well, the list came through again. My question, which is appended along
with the responses, concerned a rpc.ttdbserverd daemon that kept crashing.
Past Sun Managers' suggestions had not worked, such as verifying links from
/usr/dt to /usr/openwin.

The correct answer (from the Sun France Hotline, via Rene Occelli) turned
out to be that one of the /TT_DB directories, which are created on each UFS
file system, had become corrupted. Deleting these and restarting the daemon
seems to have solved the problem. In retrospect, this was probably the result
of a disk crash which we experience a few weeks ago. (One of the "me too"
responses stated that he had experienced recent disk problems as well.)

Thanks to all who replied! The question and replies are included below.


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============================ Original Question =============================
Hi everyone,
I'm having a problem that I am sure some people have run
into before, although perhaps a slightly different variant.
I'm getting hundreds of the messages:

Nov 23 17:14:08 scorpius inetd[129]: /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd: Child
Status Changed

in my /var/adm/messages, as well as a /core file for the
rpc.ttdbserverd. An examination of the sun-managers archive
points out the common problem of not having the link between
/usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd and /usr/openwin/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd.
This is *not* the problem here -- all links appear to be fine.
The binary has not been damaged, and 'inetd' is being run as
user 'root'.

Has anyone run into any other solutions to this problem? The
message files are filling my disk and getting to be a real pain.
I'll summarize to the list, of course.


============================ Final Solution =============================
 The problem is that the files in /TT_DB are corrupt on
  the host . As root:
     Suspend the rpc.ttdbserver program with:
        kill -STOP <pid-#-of-rpc.ttdbserverd>
     Remove all of the TT_DB directories and contents.

     To get a list of all possible locations where the TT_DB directories
     can exist for a host:
        df -kF ufs | awk '{if (NR>1) print $6 "/TT_DB"}'

     Remove them (back-quotes around the df command):
        rm -rf `df -kF ufs | awk '{if (NR>1) print $6 "/TT_DB"}'`

     Kill the rpc.ttdbserverd program with:

        kill -KILL <pid-#-of-rpc.ttdbserverd>

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============================ Other Reply =============================

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Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 17:18:27 +0800
Subject: Re: rpc.ttdbserverd: Child Status Changed (new)

Hi Patrick,

One of our clients has encountered a similar situation. In his
case, he accidentially pkgrm'ed several CDE packages. After
pkgadd'ing the cooresponding packages, his problem was rectifies.
Of course, this may not be your origin of problem.

Hope this can help.

Best Regards,
Wales Wong


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