From: Bob Woodward (
Date: Wed Dec 04 1996 - 17:47:34 CST

To many who responded with offers to help, THANK YOU!!! I have been able
to find out it was not my DNS setup that was the problem but our ISP's
machine that was out to left field.

In a nutshell, most of our users, both internal and external were having
trouble resolving to our web server. Direct use of the IP numbers got them
there and since I had 'expanded' our DNS setup to cover more than just just a week before, I assumed it was my lack of knowledge that
caused that problem. It turns out it was a lack of confidence, instead.

A couple of people offered to review my data files, a couple of others even
went to the point of boucing around my site and gave me back their
findings. That was what finally led me to the fact that in the whois
registry, our DNS listings were utilizing one nameserver of the ISP's as
our secondary and checking through nslookup, I found that we were not

Of course the voice mail I got back from them was that everything was fine
on their end and I should check my system again. Somehow, though, nslookup
is now resolving our web server through their nameserver. I guess that's
what they call 'AutoMAGICal' repairs. <smile>

Other information supplied was the "DNS and BIND" book from O'Reilly &
Assoc (which I did already have and do believe it's a GREAT book!), a very
helpful URL address of and a mailing list at which is a relay of that newsgroup.

This group is great and I appriciate everyones help and comments. Those
who responded were:

"Plesha, Thomas A. (NSLC Pacific)" <>
Bob Fulwiler <>
Richard Snyder <>
"Nicholas R LeRoy" <>
 "L. Lopshire" <>
"Liew.Chee.Wah" <>
Gautam Das <>
Cagri Yucel <>
 "Marks, Evan R" <>
 "Matt Hill" <>
Rich Casto <>

Thanks again.

Bob Woodward, Seattle FilmWorks (
Data Processing Department

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