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From: Craig Mason (
Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 21:02:29 CST

Craig Mason wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have just installed procmail-3.10 on Solaris 2.5.1 running
> sendmail-8.7.6 I'll give you all the info now just incase. I'm trying to
> incorporate procmail into the Mlocal definition of sendmail. It works
> but not quite right. I have an alias with 15 people in the alias and
> when I send mail to the alias it hangs half way through the list.
> How should I setup the Mlocal definition in sendmail-8.7.6 cf file?
> Here is the origional from sendmail-8.7.1
> ---------------------
> Mlocal, P=/bin/mail, F=lsDFMAw5:/|@SnE, S=10/30, R=20/40,
> T=DNS/RFC822/X-Unix,
> A=mail -f $g -d $u
> Here is the example from procmail
> ---------------------------------
> Mlocal, P=/usr/local/bin/procmail, F=lsSDFMhPfn, S=10, R=20,
> A=procmail -a $h -d $u
> Here was my guess of what it should be
> --------------------------------------
> Mlocal, P=/usr/local/bin/procmail, F=lsSDFMhPfn, S=10/30, R=20/40,
> A=procmail -a $h -d $u
> Thanks
> Craig Mason System Administrator
> 800-333-4613 x3493

This should do it. I've had two suggestions from most of you that I have
used. The seccond answer was the answer I was looking for but it didn't
fix the problem but, I still neded that answer so thanks. Only one, (the
third suggestion) led me in the right direction.

1) Upgrade Sendmail
2) Use the FEATURE(local_procmail)dnl
3) Couldn't get procmail to work with mailtool so they didn't use it.

So, I looked in procmail to see if there was a bug with mailtool and
here was the FAQ that fixed it all.

--FAQ-From Procmail
15. My mailtool sometimes reports that it is confused about the state
the mailbox, or I get "Couldn't unlock" errors from procmail now and
then, or sometimes it simply seems to hang just when new mail arrives.
This is a known bug in the OpenLook mailtool. It holds on to the kernel
lock on the mail-spoolfile most of the time, and releases this lock when
it shouldn't. Either ask for a bugfix from your vendor (I'm not sure if
a bugfix exists), or make sure that during the compilation of procmail
both the fcntl() and lockf() locking methods are disabled (see

I just disables both the fcntl() and lockf() locking, recompiled and all
works great.

Thanks for all the answers. I hope I can help you next.
I really should have known the sendmail m4 answer.

Craig Mason	System Administrator    

800-333-4613 x3493

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