SUMMARY: boot problem from old system

From: Lincoln Chang (
Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 16:16:17 CST

Hello Sun manager,

Sorry for late summary, and here is my original question:
> Big problem - I cannot boot up an old old system which has old Sun OS 4.2 R3.2.
> The system is actually a few board inside an old tester. That's why we cannot
> upgrade the OS. The system disk is an old Fujisu Super eagle disk.
> When I try to boot the system, it give the error:
> > b
> Boot: xy(0,0,0)
> Load: xy(0,0,0)boot
> Boot: xy(0,0,0)vmunix
> xy: error 12 bno 544
> xy: error 12 bno 544
> Not executable
> Address Error at 0A0092
> It may have a corrupted kernel, but I don't know whether there is a backup kernel
> under the / directory, and if any, what is the name of the kernel.

Thanks to Glenn Satchell, Gary W. Cook, Herbert Wengatz, Trevor Paquette,
 Rich Kulawiec, Gregory M Polanski, and Colin Melville.

Many sugguest me to try booting up the backup kernel (if any) in the / partition,
and unfortunately I found none. I checked files under / directory according to
Glenn Satchell's email by doing "b *" under the boot prompt.

What I did is I formatted a spare Fujusu eagle disk, made the flat cable, reloaded
and rebuilt the system from the original tester vendor's 1/4" cartridge tapes set.
It is a pain because the old backups were bad. I also immediately made a
backup set of seven 1/4" cartridge tapes. I tried to fsck the partitions of
the bad disk, but bad blocks in many places. I can mount one or two partitions
but not the root partition.

The root problem is the CPU was bad and caused bad disk and not even allowed
me to access the 1/4" tape drive.

Best Rgds,
Lincoln Chang
System Administrator
Philips Semiconductors Sunnyvale site

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