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Date: Tue Dec 03 1996 - 11:26:01 CST

   Thanks to the following people who replied regarding the adding a
service question:
    Here is a original question:
>I am trying to add a service to a solaris 2.4 machine.
>We are running the Remedy Action-Request helpdesk software. It uses
>RPC, and thus, dynamically assigns port numbers. I need to statically
>define the port which it runs on to test it through a test firewall.
>It was my understanding that if I specified the ports in /etc/services
>on the machine that the server runs on, and start the remedy server
>using a special option, it would start on the specified port.
>When I try this, I get an error "cannot bind service". So I am obviously
>missing something.
>Here is what the arserver info ordinarily looks like (from an rcpinfo -p):
> 390600 1 tcp 615 arserverd
> 390600 2 tcp 615 arserverd
> 390600 3 tcp 615 arserverd
> 390600 1 udp 616 arserverd
> 390600 2 udp 616 arserverd
> 390600 3 udp 616 arserverd
> 390604 1 tcp 612 arservtcd
>So, I'd need to specify three ports in /etc/services. This is what I did:
>arservtcd 881/tcp arservtcd # arservtcd
>arserverd 886/tcp arserverd # arserverd
>arserverd 887/udp arserverd # arserverd
>What am I forgetting to do? Any different ideas? I was looking at the
>rpcbind man page, and it looks like I may be able to try running rpcbind
>with the "-w" option, so we can have a static file.
The responses:
Most reminded me to restart inetd, which I forgot to mention that I did
in my original note.
David Evans had what appears to be the correct answer, although I am
still having a few problems, but am on the right track:
David Evans once said:
> Close. As the ports are less 1000 you need to get to have entries for
> the programs in inetd.conf and the SIGHUP inetd to get it to reread
> its config file.
> Hope this helps.


Michael Hawk Senior Network Technician Global Internet Network Services

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