SUMMARY:Sparc2 with Solaris

From: Wang Guo-ren (
Date: Sun Dec 01 1996 - 00:28:35 CST

  It is out of my expection that i received so many good advices in such a short time
interval.All of you gave me useful suggestions.

  Many thanks to the following person:
       Rich Kulawiec
       Frank Pardo
       Marks, Evan R
       Jason Keltz
       Yizhong Zhou
       Mark `Hex' Hershberger
       Mattias Zhabinskiy
       Brett Lymn
       Stephen Harris
       Glenn Satchell - U
       Sangamesh Biradar
       Brian T. Wightman
       Jeff Wasilko kkkkk

  Sun Sparc2 can run with all versions of SunOS and all versions of Solaris( up to now)
  smoothly.There are few hardware conditions prevent Sun Sparc2 from running with Solaris except memory
  ( at least 32MB , the more the better ).

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