SUMMARY : Sun Reports Major Security Bug, Patch

From: Waqar Hafiz (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1996 - 10:00:43 CST

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A news service (Techwire) published the story that Sun Microsystems
has reported that a bug in Versions 2.5 and 2.5.1 of the Solaris
operating system leaves any workstation or server running that
software vulnerable to unauthorized root-level access by local or
remote intruders.
Sun has almost immediately issued patches for the security loophole.

Solution & Observation

1. Patches 103187-09 (2.5) & 103612-06 (2.5.1) solve the problem.

2. This is not a forum to report security alerts.
Sun Managers who don't already belong should join the Sun Security
Alert mailing list. To do so, send e-mail to
with the *subject* line "subscribe CWS your_e-mail-address"

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